Nigeria Defense Academy Post UTME Requirements, Courses and Cut Off Marks For 2024 Session

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), a pillar of military and academic excellence, has officially commenced its admission process for the 76th regular course degree programmes for the 2023/2024 academic session. Aspiring cadets, here’s everything you need to know to navigate this crucial phase of your academic journey

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is not an institution where admitted candidates only undergo military training. Admitted students also undergo sound academic training as Officer Cadets for a duration of 5 years.

Upon completing training, graduates will earn a university first degree (BSc, BEng, BA) and a commission into the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

Below are the courses being offered at NDA and their cut off marks.

Overview of the NDA’s 76th Regular Course

Admitted candidates into NDA’s regular course will experience an intensive five-year military and academic training. This isn’t just any academic endeavour; upon the successful culmination of their training, cadets will not only earn an honours degree in a core discipline (BSc, BEng, BA) but will also be awarded a prestigious Presidential Commission into the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

Key Dates to Remember

The online application form for the 76th regular course admission is available from Monday, 30 October 2023, and will remain accessible until 30 April 2024.

It’s worth noting that both male and female Nigerian candidates are eligible to apply.

Screening Test Insights

The first phase of the Post-UTME screening will be the screening test. To be eligible, candidates must possess a JAMB 2024 Registration Number.

Furthermore, there’s a cut-off to bear in mind:

  • A minimum score of 180 for Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Science, and Military Science & Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • A score of 210 for the Faculty of Engineering.

For context, only those who meet or surpass these thresholds will be considered for admission by the AFSB.

Clarifications on Cadet Status

An important distinction for candidates: upon securing admission, cadets are full-time students, not employees-in-training. Thus, they cannot claim any form of employment rights or engagements with either the Academy or the Federal Government of Nigeria unless they are commissioned as officers.

NDA 76th Regular Course Admission Requirements

To ensure eligibility, candidates must:

  • Be medically, physically fit and uphold good moral character.
  • Be a single male or female without legal obligations to any dependents.
  • Furnish a Certificate of indigeneship from relevant government bodies.
  • Fall within the age bracket of 17 to 21 years as of August 2024.
  • Possess at least 5 O-level credits in relevant subjects, including English and Mathematics.
  • Meet JAMB’s required standards for the UTME.
  • Adhere to height requirements: 1.68m for males and 1.65m for females.
  • Bonus: Proficiency in French, Arabic or Mandarin offers a competitive edge.

Note: Applicants should remember that only recent O-level results (within 5 years from the exam date) are accepted, and the admission process is exclusive to Nigerian candidates.

Application Procedure:

  1. Navigate to the application portal, choose “Purchase Access Code” and make a payment of N3,500.00 via REMITA. Ensure payments align with RRR Codes generated from the application portal.
  2. Prospective cadets must also register with JAMB, selecting NDA as their primary institution of choice and appearing for the UTME.
  3. Once your online application is complete, don’t forget to download your Acknowledgement Form.

Screening Test Day Essentials

Scheduled for Saturday, 25 May 2024, candidates should carry:

  • Acknowledgement Form
  • Screening Test Admission Card
  • JAMB result slip
  • TWO 3.5 x 5-inch postcard-sized photographs with essential details.

Successful candidates in this phase will progress to the Armed Forces Selection Board for the second phase.

Other Key Information

The Federal Government of Nigeria will bear all training expenses for Regular Course cadets.


Listed below are the indigenous courses offered by the NDA:

  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Biotechnology
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Cyber Security
  • BSc Intelligence and Security Studies
  • BSc Military Science
  • B Eng Civil Engineering
  • B Eng Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B Eng Mechanical Engineering
  • B Eng Mechatronics
  • BA English
  • BA French
  • BSc Geography
  • BA History and War Studies
  • BSc Political Science and International Relations
  • BSc Defence and Security Studies
  • BSc Psychology BA Arabic
  • BSc Accounting
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Management Sciences

Official NDA Cut-Off Marks for the 2024/2025 Session

The NDA’s management emphasises that the cut-off marks are pivotal for candidates aspiring to secure a position in the forthcoming academic session. The cut-off marks are as follows:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Science, and Military Science & Interdisciplinary Studies: Candidates need to achieve a minimum score of 180 in the JAMB 2024 examination.
  • Faculty of Engineering: A higher threshold is set for engineering candidates, requiring a minimum score of 210 in the JAMB 2024 examination.

It’s crucial for prospective students to understand that only those who meet or exceed these set benchmarks will be considered for admission by the AFSB.

Additionally, a Compendium of Past Questions & Answers is available for candidates from the NDA’s registry.

What Awaits Admitted Candidates?

Those fortunate to secure admission into the NDA’s Regular Course will embark on an intensive journey blending military and academic training. Spanning over five years, this training moulds candidates into Officer Cadets.

Upon successful completion of this rigorous training, the cadets will be awarded a honours degree in their chosen discipline, be it BSc, BEng, or BA. But the accolades don’t stop there. These outstanding individuals will also receive a Presidential Commission into the Armed Forces of Nigeria. This dual achievement underlines the Academy’s commitment to producing well-rounded individuals ready to serve and lead.

Final Thoughts

Securing a position at the Nigerian Defence Academy is no small feat. It’s a testament to one’s academic prowess and determination. Those contemplating this path should be prepared for a challenging yet rewarding experience that goes beyond traditional academia, grooming them for leadership roles in Nigeria’s Armed Forces. The bar is set high, but for those who clear it, a bright future awaits.


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