How to get 100GB Free Data on MTN 2022 [Latest Update]

How to get Free Data on MTN 2022 [Latest Update]

Hello friend! Today, I am going to show you how you can get free data on MTN. 10gb MTN free data to be precise but that is not the limit as you can get as much as 100gb and more!!!!

So, stay with me while I break this down for you! Cheers!

MTN is one of the leading telecommunication network companies in Nigeria and this is due to their amazing internet speed, affordable data plan, cheap call rate, bonuses, and many more! 

Many people keep searching online everyday for; how to get free data on MTN in Nigeria, how to get free data without recharging 2022, how to get free data on MTN app, how to get free data on MTN pulse.

So, if you are among those that are searching those queries online, then know that you are not alone! TEEZAB is here for you!

So, keep calm while I put you through how you can get free data on MTN! Note that this is certainly not a cheat and this method worked in 2020 and 2021! 

There are so much to say when it comes to free MTN data but I will try to keep this short and simple because I surely know you are already in a hurry to get this free data!

So, this is really very simple! To get the free data, all you have to do is upgrade your sim to 4G network. Once you do that, you will be given 10gb free data. Remember, I said you can get up to 100gb and more, right? Very well, if you refer a friend to upgrade his/her sim card to 4G and he/she ends up upgrading his/her sim, you get 1gb for referral bonus. So, refer as much as you like to earn as much as you like!

How to get 100gb for Free on MTN

Like I said, you can refer as many people as you want and by doing that, you get 1gb on each referral that upgrades his/her sim to 4G.

You can refer friends by dialing *131*2*NUMBER#. To speed up the process, you can give your referrals a call to explain to them the benefits of upgrading to 4G.

How to upgrade Your MTN Sim to get free 10gb data

To upgrade your SIM or line to 4G on MTN is quite simple, just follow the simple steps below;

  1. Visit any MTN office or Agent Shop nearest to you taking along your sim card together with the sim park.
  2. Tell them that you want to upgrade your SIM to 4G or you want to do a SIM upgrade.
  3. You must have with you a valid identity card which can be driver’s license, school ID card, Voters’ card, or any other ID cards that are recognized in Nigeria.
  4. Let them Register your SIM for the upgrading process. That’s all about that.

How To Get Free 10gb Data After Upgrading Your Mtn Sim To 4G

  1. After the upgrade, just insert your SIM in a 4G enabled phone.
  2. Send an SMS with the word “4G” to 131. 
  3. Your SIM/line will be loaded or credited with FREE 10GB data. You will also get a 100% data (double data) deal whenever you subscribe to any MTN data plan.

NOTE: The FREE 10GB MTN data lasts for one month (30 days). While the FREE 1GB you get by referral lasts for a day. To check data balance, dial *131*4#.

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