Konga Affiliate Program Review 2023: Legit or Scam?

Konga Affiliate Program Review: The success of a company, industry, or even a program especially if newly founded or start-up depends on its credibility! 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in.

This simply means, for a company or program to succeed, people must have full trust in the company. 

For you to be here, it means you want to know about the Konga Affiliate Program. You want to know if it is real or just some other scam affiliate program. 

Rest assured, you are definitely on the right page! This article is for you. So, stick with me to the end!

Konga Affiliate Program Review 2022: Legit or Scam?

Before I give you my answer on whether the Konga Affiliate Program is legit or a scam, there are some things you need to know first!

Without much further ado, let’s get started

Firstly, what is the Konga Affiliate Program all about?

Konga Affiliate Program

Like Jumia affiliates, Amazon affiliates, and others, Konga Affiliate marketing is a program designed by Konga that enables affiliate marketers to earn a certain percentage or commission for each sale they make through their referral links.

Okay, before you start to wonder what referral links mean, let me quickly explain that as well. 

What is a Referral Link?

A referral link, also known as an affiliate link or ID, is a unique link that distinguishes you from other affiliate marketers. It is through this link you make your sales.

Hope you understand. 

Now, let’s move on!

How does the Konga Affiliate Program work?

Konga Affiliate Program is like all other affiliate marketing platforms like Jumia, Amazon, and others. 

You sign up, and after approval, you will be given a referral link which I believe you know what that means now. So, with your referral link, you convince people to buy products on Konga using your referral link and for every successful sale you make, you earn a certain amount of commission. Simple as that!

Konga Affiliate Program Review 2022: Legit or Scam?

Let’s talk about the Konga Affiliate Program Commission rate.

Konga Affiliate marketing Commission Rate

  1. 9% commission on the sale of Fashion products
  2. 5% commission on the sale of Toys/kids’ products
  3. 3% commission on the sale of Home & Kitchen
  4. 3% commission on the sale of Electronics products

Here is the breakdown. Assuming you make a sale of 2 toy products worth N15,000, one home and kitchen product worth N20,000, and 4 fashion products worth N30,000 in a month. 

Your commission will be;

Two toy products worth N15,000, your commission on this is 5% of N15,000.

i.e (5 × 15,000) / 100 = N750

So, your commission on toy/kid products. for that month is N750.

One kitchen product worth N20,000, your commission on this is 3% of N20,000.

i.e (3 × 20,000) / 100 = N600

So, your commission on Kitchen products for that month is N600.

And lastly, Four fashion products worth N30,000, your commission on this is 9% of N30,000.

i.e (9 × 30,000) / 100 = N2,700.

So, your commission on fashion products for that month is N2,700.

Now, your total commission for the month is N750 + N600 + N2,700 = N4,050.

Hope you understand the calculation!

Now that you understand the Konga Affiliate marketing program and it works, let’s talk about if it is really legit or a scam!

Is Konga Affiliate Program Legit or Scam?

Is Konga Affiliate a scam? Is it legit? Yeah, some people say it is a scam while some say it is legit! 

I have read a lot of reviews about the Konga Affiliate Program and I have personally taken my time to do some research about the affiliate program. All I can come up with is that the Konga Affiliate marketing program is legit! Hey, calm down! Do you want to know why? Here is why!

The main reason why people say the Konga Affiliate Program is a scam is that they believe Konga doesn’t record their actual commission. 

Yes, the record may not be instantly, but they do record every legit sale. More emphasis on the word “legit”.  Sometimes, you may think you make a successful sale but their system will flag it incompletely! Proper tracking of your sales is very important!

In an explanation made by one of the Konga Support team, he said, “For further insights on this, Last click attribution is a tracking model, where commissions are given to the last source, link, or banner a user clicks on before making a final purchase. This means when anyone clicks on affiliate A’s Link, visits the site and leaves the site then the same person clicks on affiliate B’s Link, visits the site, and makes a purchase, then the commission will be given to affiliate B. This also doesn’t work only for affiliates, this includes other marketing channels. So when an affiliate link is clicked, and then the person that clicks on the affiliate link later clicks on other internal marketing channel links, then the new link will override the affiliate link and no commission will be paid out to the affiliate with the first link.”

This explains everything! I hope you understand.

This is exactly why most consider the Konga Affiliate marketing program a scam. 

There are so many people out there that make a lot from the Konga Affiliate marketing program. I bet they can’t call it a scam!

Okay, now that you know Konga Affiliate is legit, how about we talk about some tips you can use to make money with Konga Affiliate Marketing?

Tips to Make Money with Konga Affiliate Marketing

  1. Review More Products and Increase Your Audience: One, two, or three products can’t get you there! You need more. If you run a blog, review more products on Konga.com and write eye-catching contents that fit the product you are advertising. Remember, few relevant visitors are better than millions of irrelevant visitors because that won’t generate much. Use different means to drive traffic to your website. You can run ads, you can drive traffic through social media, and even Search engine traffic. Remember, the more relevant audience you bring to your website, the more sales you tend to make.
  2. Make Use of Every Available Relevant Konga Promotions: This is highly recommended! During the period when Konga reduces the price of the products, you will tend to make more sales because many people will want to purchase because of the reduced price. So, you should promote products that are already on Konga promotions. 
  3. One means of Advertisement is not enough: Sticking to one means of advertisement is not enough! When it comes to advertising, you have to explore different means! Use banner ads, use text and link ads, use video Ads. Anything that can get people’s attention. With that, you can be guaranteed increased sales.
  4. Communication: Follow every sale you make to the end! Sometimes, your commission will be due for approval, yet it will still be pending. Don’t sit on it! Notify them as fast as possible and when messaging them, be firm but hey, don’t insult or use any vulgar Language! 
  5. Keep evidence: Always keep evidence. If you feel you are being cheated of some commissions, make a purchase with your affiliate link, keep evidence and see if you will be given your commission!  If they didn’t give you, send them a message, attach the evidence(s) and make a case for all other commissions they didn’t give you!! I am sure, they won’t take your case lightly! They will know you are serious!

Conclusion on Konga Affiliate Program Review

Yes, the Konga Affiliate Marketing Program is very legit. 

If you are interested in being one of their affiliate marketers, you can sign up here

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