How to Transfer / Share Airtime on AIRTEL 2023 [Latest Updated]

How to Transfer / Share Airtime on AIRTEL 2023

Hello friend! Are you looking for how to transfer / share airtime on AIRTEL in 2023? If yes, then you are on the right page! TEEZAB got you covered!

Today, I will be explaining to you how you can transfer airtime from Airtel to another Airtel Line.

I will give you the simplest and easiest way to do that, so stay with me while I break this down for you!

Bharti Airtel Limited, also known as Airtel, is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company based in New Delhi. It operates in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa, as well as the Channel Islands.

Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication network companies in Nigeria and they are growing every single day! Day in, day out, they are growing very fast and this is due to the amazing offers they provide for their customers. Amazing offers including, cheap call rate, cheap data price, fast network speed, borrow me credit/data, bonuses and others!

Without wasting much time, let’s get down to business! How can you transfer airtime on Airtel! 

How to Transfer Airtime from Airtel to Airtel Line in Nigeria

A lot of people are wondering if it is really possible to transfer / share airtime from one Airtel user to another! If you are among those people, then know that it is very possible and I will explain that to you here!

How to Share Airtime on Airtel 2023

Sharing of airtime on Airtel is a service known as Airtel Me2U.

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What is Airtel Me2U

Airtel Me2U is a special service that allows the Airtel subscribers to share or transfer airtime among one another. Ain’t that amazing? So, you can just load your airtel Sim and then share credit with your friends and loved ones! Incredulous!

Are you with me? Okay! Let me quickly give you two ways you can transfer credit to your loved ones!

How to Transfer Credit on Airtel

  1. You can transfer airtime on Airtel by using USSD code
  2. You can also share credit by using SMS

So, stay with me while I explain the two ways!

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel by using USSD Code

To share airtime on airtel using USSD Code, follow the steps listed below;

  • Dial *432# 
  • Select transfer Airtime
  • Enter the number of the recipient
  • Input your Me2U pin
  • Then, Confirm your transfer by entering 1

Simple? As simple as that! How about the second method? Continue reading!

How to Share Credit on Airtel Via SMS

  • Open your message app
  • Text [2u]space[recipient’s Phone number]space[amount]space[Me2U pin] to 432 For better understanding, below is an example for you.

Assuming your Me2U pin is 1234 and you want to transfer 500 airtime to 08012345678. All you need to do is send 2u 08012345678 500 1234 to 432.

Do you get it now? Okay great!

Note: This service is free of charge!

Wait! wait!! wait!!! Don’t go yet! If you remember, I mentioned a Me2U pin! How can you then know your Me2U pin?

How to Change Default Airtel Me2U PIN

To change your Airtel Me2U pin, all you need from do is to text [PIN]space[DEFAULT PIN]space[NEW PIN] to 432


So, assuming you want to change your default Me2U pin to 3456. All you need to do is to text PIN 0000 3456 to 432.

Do you understand? Okay great!

So before you go, let me give you this as a bonus! Here, I will teach you how you can request for airtime from your loved ones!

How to Request for Airtime on Airtel

This service is known as Airtel credit me. This service notify your friends that you need credit. 

To do this, simply dial *141*8*recipient’s number#

FAQ on How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

Is there a number of times I can transfer in a day, week or month? 

There is no limitation to the number of times you can transfer in a day, a week or in a month.

Will I be charged a service Fee for this service? 

No, there is no service fee or charge to transfer airtime from one Airtel subscriber to another.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer in a day, a week or a month?

There is no limitation to the amount you can transfer in a day, a week or in a month.

How can I get my Airtel transfer pin?

To transfer airtime on Airtel Nigeria’s “Me2U”, create a 4-DIGIT-PIN.

To change/create your airtime transfer PIN on Airtel;

  1. Send a text in the following format to 432: E.g to change your pin to 1345, text PIN 0000 1345 to 432.
  2. You will then receive an SMS confirmation from 432.

What is the code for Me2U?


You can register to Airtel Me2U either via SMS or USSD. Via SMS, type ‘register’, leave a space, enter a 4-digit PIN and send to 1329. Via USSD, dial *198#, select 1 ‘Activate’, choose a new PIN, re-enter that new PIN and finally, you will receive a confirmation of successful registration.

I believe with this article, I am able to explain to you in a simple way possible, how to transfer airtime on Airtel! 

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