How to Check First Bank Account Balance on Mobile Phone 2023

Hi Reader! Do you know you can check your first bank account balance on your mobile phone without your ATM card in 2023? With the increase in the level of technology, banking is now made simple and stress-free. 

How to Check First Bank Account Balance

There are so many things you can do on your first bank account with your phone but in this article, we will be focusing on how to use your mobile phone to check your account balance. 

You don’t have to go to the bank to check your account balance, you don’t have to go to a POS shop to check your account number, and you don’t have to go anywhere! All you need is your phone!!

Whether you are using a browsing phone or not, you can check your first bank account balance. Whether you have data or not, you can check your first bank account balance. So, rest assured that here today, you will know how to check your account balance on the First bank.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

How to Check Account Balance on First Bank in 2023

I will be taking you through two ways you can access your First Bank Account Balance in 2023. One of the two ways does not require a network connection and you can use any phone to access your account balance while the other requires a network connection and it can only be done on a browsing phone (Android or iPhone).

Hold on while I take you through the steps.

How to Check Your First Bank Account Balance Without ATM Card

How to Check First Bank Account Balance

The following are the two ways to view your First Bank account balance;

  1. Through First Bank USSD code
  2. Through the First Bank mobile app.

I believe you can deduce which requires a network connection and which does not require a network connection now!

Before I explain how you can check your first bank account balance by using the two means up there, you should understand if you are to use the USSD code, you need to activate your line first! So, let me quickly take you through that!

How to Activate your Line to use First Bank USSD Code

The first bank USSD code is a quick, convenient, secure, and simple way to make financial operations (transfer money, buy airtime, check balance, pay bills, and much more) from any mobile phone, anytime and anywhere without the need for Network connection or the use of a browsing phone.

The First Bank USSD Code is *894#.

You can use your phone to check your First Bank account balance by dialing the First Bank USSD code. To utilize first bank mobile banking, you must first activate your line. If you haven’t already, please follow the steps below to check the balance of your First bank account using its USSD code:

  • Firstly, simply dial *894*0# with the phone number that is linked to your account. Other phone numbers won’t work.
  • A masked number on your ATM card will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the name of your ATM card
  • You will be asked to enter your 4-digit PIN of your ATM card. Enter the PIN and send.
  • Then you will be required to create a 5-digit PIN for mobile banking. Enter the PIN and send.
  • And your number is ready to be used for any First Bank Mobile Banking Service.

Now that you have successfully activated your number for First Bank Mobile Banking Service, let’s move on to how you can use it to check your account balance.

How to Check Account Balance on First Bank using USSD

To check your Account Balance on First Bank using USSD code, follow the simple steps below;

  • Simply dial *894*00#
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN
  • And boom, your account balance will be displayed on your screen and a message containing your account balance will also be sent to you.

Simple, right? Yeah! 

Note that this service is not FREE! Every time you check your account balance, N10 will be deducted from your account as a service fee.

Amazingly, you don’t need to go to the Bank or any POS shop to check your account balance and you don’t have to have any network connection to do so. 

However, if one way or the other, you couldn’t use the First Bank USSD code to access your account balance, you can use the First Bank mobile app but know that this will require you to have an Android phone or iPhone and a network connection. 

How can I activate mobile banking in FirstBank?

  • Simply go to the Google play store or Apple Play store to download the First Bank mobile app, install and launch the application.
  • Register with your bank details and verify with either your linked phone number or email address.
  • Provide your ATM card number and your ATM pin, then click Next. 
  • An SMS containing a One Time PIN (OTP) will be sent to your device. Copy the number and enter it in the field provided, then click Next. 
  • Enter your m-pin code, which will be your login pin. This is a five-digit code you must remember for subsequent transactions. 
  • Enter the two secret questions and answers. Click Next. 
  • Enter a four-digit security PIN as prompted. It will also be needed to make transactions in the future. If you wish, you can use your ATM card code. 
  • complete the process as prompted. You are ready to use mobile services.

How to Check Your Account Balance using First Bank Mobile App

To check your first bank account balance using the mobile app, simply follow the simple steps below;

  • After you have activated the first bank mobile banking app,
  • Once you are able to login, your account balance will be displayed on your dashboard.

It is very easy and straightforward.

FAQs About How to Check First Bank Account Balance on Mobile Phone

Is First Bank of Nigeria in USA?

Yes, First Bank is in United States of America.

First Bank of Nigeria, a Nigerian bank with branches in Ghana, South Africa, Guinea, Gambia, Sierra Leone, DRC, UAE, United States, UK, France, China, etc.

Who is the CEO of FirstBank?

Dr. Adesola Adeduntan is an accomplished professional with distinctive international and domestic experience in commercial and investment banking, development finance, audit, and consulting; a philanthropist and leader with a keen interest in providing platforms for the development of other young leaders.

Is FirstBank a good bank in Nigeria?

FirstBank is the #1 Brand in Nigeria’s financial services sector and falls within the top 500 global banking brands.

How Can I Check My First Bank Account Balance via Mobile Phone?

You can check your First Bank account balance through several means such as SMS, USSD, or mobile banking applications. The specific process might vary depending on your location and the banking services available.

What Are the Steps to Check My Balance Using USSD Code?

To check your First Bank account balance using the USSD code, simply dial the specific code provided by First Bank. This will typically follow a format similar to “*894*0*0#”. After dialing, you should receive a message displaying your current account balance.

What is the Process to Check Balance Using the Mobile Banking App?

To check your account balance using the First Bank mobile banking app, you’ll first need to download and install the app from your phone’s app store. Once installed, you’ll need to log in using your credentials. After logging in, you should be able to easily see your account balance on the app’s main screen or under a specific ‘balance’ or ‘account’ section.

Can I Check My Account Balance Via SMS?

Yes, some banks do offer the option to check your account balance via SMS. You would need to send a specific text message to a designated number. The bank would then reply with your current account balance. However, this feature is not available for the First bank.

Do I Get Charged for Checking My Account Balance?

Typically, USSD, SMS, and app balance inquiries could attract charges from your bank, although this varies depending on the bank’s policies and the specific type of service used. Some banks provide certain free balance inquiries per month. Always check with your bank for any potential charges.

Can I Check My First Bank Account Balance at Any Time?

Yes, typically you can check your First Bank account balance at any time using your mobile phone. However, please be aware that system updates or network issues could occasionally impact this service.

Are These Services Available on All Mobile Phones?

Most mobile banking services, such as USSD and SMS balance checks, are available on all types of mobile phones. For mobile banking apps, a smartphone with a compatible operating system (like Android or iOS) is required.

Is It Safe to Check My Account Balance on My Mobile Phone?

Yes, it’s generally safe to check your account balance on your mobile phone, as banks use encryption and security measures to protect your information. However, you should always ensure you’re using a secure and private internet connection, and never share your banking details with anyone.

About First Bank of Nigeria

First Bank of Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian multinational bank and financial services company in Lagos, Nigeria. It is the premier bank in West Africa. The First Bank of Nigeria Limited operates as a parent company, with the subsidiaries FBN Bank’ in the Republic of Congo, Ghana, The Gambia, Guinea, Sierra-Leone, and Senegal; FBN Bank UK Limited in the United Kingdom with a branch in Paris; First Bank Representative Office in Beijing to capture trade-related business between geographies. First Bank also operates First Pension Custodian Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s foremost pension custodian. The teeming customers of the First Bank Group are serviced from a network of over 700 business locations across Africa. To promote financial inclusion and reach the unbanked, First Bank has an extensive Agent Banking network, with over 53,000 locations across Nigeria. The Bank specializes in retail banking and has the largest client base in West Africa, with over 18 million customers. For eight consecutive years (2011 – 2018) First Bank Nigeria received the Best Retail Bank in Nigeria award by The Asian Banker. You can read more about the First Bank of Nigeria here!

With this post, I am confident that I have satisfied your search intent but if by any chance you have a question, kindly leave us a comment.

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