Do Law Students Go For NYSC [2023 Latest Info]

Do Law Students Go For NYSC?

Do Law Students Go For NYSC [Latest Info]

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You have been thinking, do law Students go for NYSC? Your answer is in this article. So,you might want to read this article carefully and avoid skipping any part! 

Okay, let’s dive into the real topic! Do Law Students Go For NYSC? 

Are you a law student or you are just curious and you are wondering if Law Students do go for National Youth Service Corps NYSC? Do you know how many years it takes to become a lawyer in Nigeria? What do law students wear to class in Nigeria? What happens after law school in Nigeria? You will get answers to all those questions here!

So, without wasting much time, let’s kick start!

What is NYSC?

NYSC is an acronym for National Youth Service Corps and it is a programme which was established by the NYSC Decree No. 24 of May 22, 1973 during the time of Nigerian Civil War, as a one year programme for fresh University graduates “to promote unity, understanding and national integration among Nigerians”. 

How many years to study law in Nigeria

How long does it take to become a lawyer in Nigeria?

It takes 7 years to become a lawyer in Nigeria! Five years will be used to run a degree in an accredited law faculty in any higher Institution in Nigeria and two years will be for Nigerian Law school and NYSC.

What do law students wear to class in Nigeria?

Nigerian Law faculty Students’ dress code: white shirt and black trousers for male students, and white shirt and black skirt for females. Failure to wear it will result in being seriously dealt with and you won’t be allowed to stay in the lecture room! 

So, now to the main question! Do Law Students go for NYSC?

Do Law Students Go For NYSC

To put it simply, the Answer is YES! 

NYSC is a MANDATORY One-year Programme For Graduates Of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. It is a must do except if you are more than 30 years of age by the time you graduate or you have a genuine excuse!

This means that Law students do go for NYSC after attending Law School.

Can I run Law School and NYSC at the same time?

The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, had warned corps members against participating in the National Service and attending the Law School at the same time. 

This means you mustn’t run both Law school and NYSC simultaneously! 

Is it Law school before NYSC or NYSC before Law school?

Note that you have to go to law school first before doing NYSC and not the other way round!

This means Law School before NYSC and Not NYSC Before Law School.

What happens after law school in Nigeria?

After the training in the Nigerian Law school, you are to sit for an examination known as BAR EXAMINATION! If you pass, then you will be awarded a certificate to practice law in Nigeria and will be called to the Bar. The Certificate is issued by the council of Legal Education in Nigeria.

Also, note that if you fail the bar Examination, then you have to wait another year to do it again!


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  1. So what if I travel out of the country immediately after my undergraduate law can I come back years later to apply for law school and do NYSC?

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