Canada Visa Processing Time 2023 [Full Info]

Canada is a land of opportunities, and for those who aspire to visit, study or work in Canada, the first step is often applying for a visa. However, one of the biggest concerns for many applicants is how long it will take to process their visa application. Understanding Canada visa processing times is crucial, as it can help applicants plan their travel and stay in Canada. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of visas available for Canada, the factors that affect processing times, and provide some tips to help expedite the process. 

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The processing time for Canadian Visas is defined as the amount of time it takes Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process your application from the time it is received. This is also referred to as CIC or IRCC processing times.

A major new strategy to shorten Canadian immigration processing timelines was implemented in early 2022. Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, announced a slew of new initiatives aimed at shortening processing times for several of the country’s most popular immigration programs.

Canada Visa Processing Time 2023 [Full Info]

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A visitor visa, for example, may take several weeks to several months to process, while a study permit may take even longer due to the additional documentation required. Similarly, obtaining a work permit may take several months, especially if the applicant is required to complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The completeness and accuracy of the application, the level of security screening required, the availability of staff at the visa office, and the overall volume of applications being processed are all factors that can affect canada visa processing time.

To avoid processing delays, applicants must submit a complete and accurate application, provide all required supporting documents, and respond promptly to any requests for additional information from the visa office.

Let’s examine the factors around Canada visa processing time.

Factors Influencing Canada Visa Processing Time

According to the CIC, several factors can influence the length of time it takes to obtain a Canadian visa. These are some examples:

  1. Visa Application Type
  2. Residency country of applicants
  3. Application completion and accuracy
  4. The ease with which the applicant’s information can be confirmed
  5. How quickly IRCC can process existing applications in the system
  6. How long it takes an applicant to respond to additional requests or concerns.

Canada Visa Processing Time 2023 

Express Entry Processing Time 6 months

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and some Provincial Nominee Programs are all part of the Express Entry Program (PNP).

Most Express Entry applications are processed within six months of receipt. In some rare cases, this may take longer. Before the six-month processing period begins, the applicant must submit all required documents and upload them to their Express Entry profile.

The processing time for a PR card is 120 days.

A new PR Card application typically takes 45 days.

Processing Time for a Work Permit in Canada: 5–36 weeks

The Canadian work permit processing time is the one with the largest range. The processing time for a Work Permit is entirely dependent on the completion of your application and the office where you applied. Depending on your specific circumstances, we have discovered that processing a Canadian Work Permit can take anywhere from 5 to 36 weeks.

Work Permit (while inside Canada) – 4 weeks

Work Permit (outside of Canada) – 5 to 6 months

LMIA processing time ranges from 10 to 36 days.

In 2023, Canada expects a high volume of LMIA applications, which may result in longer processing times and possible delays, particularly in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Depending on which LMIA you apply for, processing time can range between 10-36 business days.

Processing Time for a Study Permit: 4 weeks to 5 months

Canadian Study Permit Processing Times, like work permits, are primarily determined by the applicant’s country of residence. A Canadian study permit is typically issued based on the following circumstances:

Study Permit (while inside Canada) – 4 weeks

Study Permit (outside of Canada) – 9 weeks

5 month study permit

Processing Time for Canadian Citizenship: 24 months

A typical Canadian Citizenship grant processing time is 24 months. This means that it should take about two years from the time you submit your completed application until it is fully processed.

Processing Time for a Canadian Visitor Visa: 23 days – 8 months

A visitor visa processing time, like work visas and study permits, can vary depending on the country from which the applicant is applying. The processing time will be determined by the following factors:

Visitor Visa (valid for 23 days in Canada)

Visitor Visa (outside of Canada) – 4 to 8 months

6 month visitor visa extension

Processing Time for Canada Spousal Sponsorship: 13-17 months

When your spouse lives in Canada, the average processing time for a spousal sponsorship is about 13 months. However, depending on the circumstances, such as whether your spouse lives outside of Canada, it may take longer.

Processing time for a Super Visa is 4-6 months.

The majority of super visa applications are processed in 6 months or less. Processing times will vary depending on the visa office and the country from which you apply.

2-6 months Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

When applying for a Canadian post-graduate work permit after completing your studies, you should expect to wait 5 to 6 months if you apply online and 2 months if you apply by paper. While waiting you are allowed to work if you applied for your PGWP before your student permit expired.

Processing Time for PR Card Renewal: 77 Days

The processing time for a PR renewal may take several weeks or even months. If you intend to travel outside of Canada, you should consider renewing your passport before it expires.

How long does it take to get a Canadian passport?

A passport application’s processing time is determined by where and how the application is submitted, as well as the urgency of the request. The following are the processing times for Canadian passport applications:

10 working days (for applications submitted in person at a passport office)

20 working days (for applications submitted in person at a Service Canada service point)

20 working days (for applications submitted by mail)

If you apply for urgent or expedited service at a passport office, your application may be processed by the end of the next working day or it may take up to nine business days.

If you are currently residing in Nigeria, you can apply for a passport or a Service Canada location in Canada by mail or in person. The processing time for postal applications from Nigeria is 20 business days.

Outside of Canada and Nigeria, all passport applications may take up to 20 business days to process. Applications made outside Canada may be submitted at the nearest Canadian government office abroad (i.e. embassy or consulate).

Why do some application processing times vary while others do not?

Processing timelines are determined by the number of applications received for each program. If the number of applicants for a specific program remains constant, so will the processing times.

Some have a fluctuating number of applications throughout the year; in these cases, processing timeframes will vary to reflect those fluctuations.

Wrapping Up Canada Visa Processing Time 2023

Information provided about canada visa processing is subject to change. So, it is essential to visit the official portal for more information. However, we are going to keep updating this post if there is a need to.

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  1. A major new strategy to shorten Canadian immigration processing timelines was implemented in early 2022. Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, announced a slew of new initiatives aimed at shortening processing times for several of the country’s most popular immigration programs

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