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Access Bank Code 2023: Do you have an Access bank account? If so, you must have heard of the Access bank USSD code! If you don’t know it, you are missing out on stress-free banking! 

Access Bank Code

Well, if you don’t know what the Access Bank USSD code is or you have probably forgotten what it is, you will be taken through everything you need to know about the Access Bank code here on

Below are what this article will talk about;

  • Access Bank Code 2023
  • Access Bank Transfer Code
  • List of all Access Bank USSD Codes in 2023
  • Access Bank Transfer Code to other bank
  • Access Bank code to check balance, for account number, for transfer of money, for loan, to buy airtime, for bvn, to block atm card, to transfer data.
  • How to register Access Bank USSD code in 2023
  • How to register Access Bank code without ATM card
  • Benefits and features of Access Bank USSD codes
  • Requirements to activate Access Bank USSD code
  • how to get a 5-digit pin for Access bank transfer
  • how to block and unblock my Access bank USSD code

What is Access Bank Code 2023

The Access Bank USSD code is *901#. This is Access Bank’s official banking code. You can use this code to perform a variety of transactions and operations without having to visit the bank. However, before you can use this code, you must first register.

Access Bank has remained committed to empowering the Nigerian populace with the *901# Quick Banking service as part of its financial inclusion drive. The service is set to deliver power to banks anywhere and at any time. It is quick, convenient, and easy to use and beneficiary accounts are credited instantly with alert notifications.

The *901# USSD service makes banking services available across all GSM networks, on any type of handset or device; iPhone, Android, blackberry, and even simple feature phones famously referred to in Nigerian lingo as ‘kpalasa’. It requires no internet service connection and can be used in remote locations across Nigeria. This USSD service is delivered on the customers’ registered phone numbers linked to their Access Bank accounts.

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Requirements to Activate Access Bank Transfer Code

The following are the things you need to activate the Access Bank USSD code;

  • Access Bank account: You need to have an Access bank account.
  • Debit card: an active debit card linked to your account.
  • Phone number: also you must have a phone number that has been linked to your account.
  • Mobile phone (browsing phone or not).

How to Activate USSD Code for Access Bank in 2023

To be able to use the Access Bank transfer code, you need to activate/register first. To register for the transfer code, follow the simple steps below;

  • Dial *901# with your mobile device
  • Make sure you use the registered phone number linked to your access bank account to dail
  • Select “Transfer”
  • Enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number
  • Or if you don’t have an active debit card, then input your Date of Birth.
  • Enter your account number
  • Create a 4-digit PIN

List of Access Bank USSD Codes

  • Access Bank code to check balance – *901*5#
  • Access Bank code for account number: *901#
  • Access Bank code for transfer of money to Access Bank – *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
  • Access Bank code for transfer of money to other bank – *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
  • Access Bank code for transfer of money to Merchant payment – *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
  • Access Bank code to buy airtime for self – *901*Amount#
  • Access Bank code to buy airtime for others – *901*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Access Bank code for loan – *901*11#
  • Access Bank code for checking BVN – *565*0#
  • Account Opening – *901*0#
  • Data Purchase – *901*8#
  • OTP Generation – *901*4*1#
  • Bill Payment – *901*3#

Funds transfer to other Access bank accounts attracts a service fee of ₦20. While a transfer between other banks attracts a charge of ₦50 + ₦2.50 (VAT).

The daily maximum transfer limit using the USSD code is N100,000 (N20,000 per transaction) while for airtime recharge the daily maximum limit is N20,000.

How to Block Access Bank USSD Code in 2023

Simply dial *901*911# from any line, then enter the phone number (linked with your bank account) you want to deactivate, and that’s it.

How to Unblock Access Bank Transfer code

To unblock the Access bank USSD code, you will need to visit any Access Bank branch near you.

FAQs About Access Bank

What is the Bank Code for Access Bank?


The Access Bank USSD (transfer) code is *901#. This is the official USSD banking code for Access bank and Access-Diamond customers. With this code, you have access to round-the-clock banking services from Access bank.

What is Access Bank code?

Access Bank code is a service that allows customers to perform banking transactions using their mobile phones.

What transactions can I perform using Access Bank code?

With Access Bank code, you can perform a range of transactions such as balance inquiry, transfer funds, pay bills, buy airtime, and more.

How do I get Access Bank code?

To get Access Bank code, you need to have an Access Bank account and register for the service by dialing *901# on your registered mobile number.

Is there a charge for using Access Bank code?

Yes, there are charges for using Access Bank code. The charges depend on the type of transaction and are deducted from your account.

Is Access Bank code secure?

Yes, Access Bank code is secure. The service uses a secure network to protect your transactions, and you need to enter a PIN to authorize any transaction.

What do I do if I forget my Access Bank code PIN?

If you forget your Access Bank code PIN, you can reset it by dialing *901#, selecting “Forgot PIN,” and following the instructions.

Can I use Access Bank code outside Nigeria?

No, Access Bank code is only available for use in Nigeria.

What happens if I enter the wrong code while using Access Bank code?

If you enter the wrong code while using Access Bank code, the transaction will fail. It is essential to ensure that you enter the correct code and information when using the service.

How do I Transfer Access Code?

Access Bank money transfer code

*901# is the code to transfer money from Access Bank. To transfer cash to other banks: Dial *901*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g *901*1000*1234512345#) from your phone.

How Can I Get My Access Bank Account?

Visit the Access bank’s website. Once you are there, look for the tab or button that says “online banking.” Click the link that says “online banking” or “login” to access your account.

How do I Activate My Access Mobile Banking?

  • Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store.
  • Download the “AccessMore” app.
  • Select ‘Sign up’ to register.
  • Select Unique User ID and Password.
  • Create PIN with card or OTP sent to mobile number/ Call our Contact Center(01-2702005) to set up an E-PIN/token.

Is Access Bank a Real Bank?

Yes, Access Bank is a real bank with over 40 million customers, and operates across twelve African countries, the UAE and UK, with representative offices in China, India and Lebanon.

Can I receive Dollars in My Access Naira Account?

Yes, Access Bank allows its customers to receive funds from friends and family abroad, in US Dollars. This is in response to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) announcement that recipients of international remittances can receive funds in USD or have funds paid directly into their local accounts.

A little About the Access Bank

Access Bank plc, commonly known as Access Bank, is a Nigerian multinational commercial bank, owned by Access Bank Group. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator.

Originally a corporate bank, they expanded into personal and business banking in 2012. Access Bank and Diamond Bank merged on April 1, 2019. In conclusion of its merger with Diamond Bank, Access Bank unveiled its new logo, signaling the commencement of a new enlarged banking entity. The bank employs more than 28,000 people in 2021.

After the merger, with more than 42 million customers, Access Bank plc became the largest bank in Africa by customer base and the largest bank in Nigeria by assets.

As of September 2021, in addition to Nigeria, Access Bank plc has subsidiaries in Mozambique, Zambia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Access Bank Group also maintains representative offices in China, India, Lebanon, and United Arab Emirates.

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Conclusion on Access Bank Transfer Code 2023

The Access Bank transfer code is *901# and it can be used to perform various transactions on your account without you having to go through the stress of going to the bank. You can recharge your line and that of your friends and families with you just typing on your phone, you can send money from your account to your loved ones, you can check your account balance, and so on.

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